R.I.P Pryda. You will be dearly missed.

I created this video with a heavy heart 😢. On January 9, 2020, Pryda passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s not something I had imagined would happen so quickly because he was only 6 years old, but life is unpredictable.

Pryda was perfectly fine in the morning and within hours, things drastically changed. He developed a severe blood clot that cut off blood supply to his hind legs, which caused his legs to stop moving. Thankfully, I was at home and I was able to rush him to the vet’s clinic. The vet quickly diagnosed his condition (saddle thrombus as a result of HCM) and unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to save him.

Since he was in excruciating pain, she suggested that we put him down. Making that decision was one of the most difficult moments of my life, but I could not bear to see him in any more pain. He passed away with my husband and me by his side and he knew how loved he was.

Pryda was not just a pet to me. He came into my life when I needed him the most – after my mother’s death and he helped me through that difficult time. Over the years, my bond with him strengthened – he was my companion, my snuggle buddy and a member of my family. He was my soul cat. The bond I had with him was unlike the bond I have ever had with another pet and that makes this even more difficult.

Many of you may not know that Pryda is the reason my channel even exists. If it had not been for him, I would never have started The Whole Happy Cats and I would never have begun The Whole Happy Life. He was part of countless videos on this channel and it will not be the same without him (and his sarcastic comments that many of you love). He will be dearly missed!

As I go through this difficult time, I will be taking some time off to process my emotions and help my younger cat, Caiyo, transition to a life without Pryda. He has lost the one friend he had in the world and my heart breaks for him 😿. With time, I am sure things will get better.

This is not the start of the decade that I had imagined and I had many new videos to film and post, but I cannot even think of being in front of the camera right now. I will get back to filming and posting when it feels right. For now, I will need some time. I hope you can understand. I will see you again on this channel after I feel like myself again.

Take care and I will see you in a new video (hopefully soon).

By: The Whole Happy Life
Title: Memorial video (in loving memory of Pryda 😿)
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIWk3dlI9_8

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